FishStats compiles different tools for harmonizing data for marine fishes worldwide, analyzing data to estimate abundance, distribution shift, range expansion, and spatial overlap, and also visualize results. Current tools include:

  1. a markdown tutorial for a single-species spatio-temporal model, SpatialDeltaGLMM. SpatialDeltaGLMM can now calculate range expansion/contraction from a new ProcB paper, as well as distribution shifts from a MEE paper, in addition to previous abundance-index estimates from an ICESJMS paper.

  2. a markdown tutorial for a multispecies model VAST. VAST is identical to SpatialDeltaGLMM for single-species data (including indices, range shift, and range expansion metrics), but can also estimate community dynamics via spatial dynamic factor analysis from a Global Ecology Biogreography paper, or control for fisher targeting using multispecies fishery data to estimate abundance from a CJFAS paper.

  3. visualizes model output from SpatialDeltaGLMM applied to survey data for >400 species in 15 regions worldwide (including all groundfishes in Alaska and West Coast regions).

  4. FishStats now has a FishStats-listserv